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"...a threefold cord is not quickly broken."
Ecclesiastes 4:12

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Guidelines for Group Travel

  1. Be cooperative – Ignore minor problems you can’t solve yourself. Take any major problem you can’t resolve, to your team leader. Perhaps something can be done. Perhaps not. Not everything will go as planned or as you might wish. The leaders will do everything they can, within reason, to make this a memorable and positive experience for everyone.

  2. Be a team player – For example, don’t ever go off by yourself without checking with your team leaders. This guideline is operative even if a Malawian missionary friend invites you to go with them. When seeking permission from your team leader, don’t apply pressure on them. If their decision is counter to what you want to do, don’t pout or hold resentment. Please simply obey. The welfare of the team and team morale are more important than any one individual’s personal preference or pleasure.

  3. Be positive and avoid criticizing others – Critical thoughts are best kept to oneself in this context. Criticism can poison the waters of fellowship and unity. There will be ample opportunity for comments in the evaluation.

  4. Be sensitive to everyone and especially to those who will welcome and host you – You were selected because the interview team believed you were a “Christian lover”. Prove them right!

  5. Be early/prompt for announced meetings and departures – Don’t make others wait for you.

  6. Be aware of where your roommate is at all times – Be responsible for one another.

  7. Be Flexible – If you can bend, you will not break.
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