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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Is the trip tax deductible?

  2. Is the milk pasteurized and safe to drink?

  3. Are slacks or jeans appropriate for the women to wear on the trip or only in Blantyre?

  4. What will the temperature be like?

  5. What kind of shoes are appropriate, are sandals okay?

Is the trip tax deductible?   No, it is not since there is value derived by the traveler from this trip but if you are interested in pursuing this, check with a qualified tax advisor.

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Is the milk pasteurized and safe to drink?   Generally, pasteurized dairy products will be safe to drink. Our Malawian hosts provided milk in the container so we could see that it was pasteurized and we drank it with no problems. If in doubt, politely explain that your system does not tolerate milk well and stick to bottled water.

You may also be offered powdered milk, Nestle Nido® is a popular brand. This will be more likely the further out in the bush you travel. As long as you mix this with boiled water you will be fine.

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Are slacks or jeans appropriate for the women to wear on the trip or only in Blantyre?   It is recommended that the women travelers do not wear slacks or jeans at any time during the stay in Malawi. It is only recently that women in the country were even permitted to wear slacks, and most of the women we met did not ever wear them. It is still controversial and frowned upon by many. So as not to offend or embarrass our hosts, the women travelers should not wear slacks, period. The only exception to this might be if there is a work project that all will participate in, but even then, the permission of your hosts for the women to wear pants should be sought by the team leader first. (It is possible on mission trips to do construction work in a sturdy long denim skirt or jumper, so as not to offend conservative hosts ---- it is comfortable, modest and not a hardship to handle it this way.)

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What will the temperature be like?   May to October is the dry season, with July generally being the coolest month. The daytime temperatures in Blantyre are normally in the 70’s – 80’s at this time of year, and cooler at night. Daily temperatures in the lowlands do not fluctuate too much. Nighttime temperatures in the highlands can be very low at night, dipping toward freezing if it is clear.

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What kind of shoes are appropriate, are sandals okay?   Be certain to have a good, sturdy pair of walking shoes, which are appropriate to wear with all clothing; even skirts or dresses. Sandals are appropriate if they are not too casual. Remember that you will be walking more than you might be used to, often on rough terrain, without sidewalks or pavement.

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