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"...a threefold cord is not quickly broken."
Ecclesiastes 4:12

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Important Links

  • Pittsburgh Presbytery: The Malawi Partnership is a supported mission of the Pittsubrgh Presbytery.

  • Blantyre Synod: The Malawi-side of the Blantyre Synod - Pittsburgh Presbytery Partnership.

  • Blantyre Synod Health and Development Commission: The current successor of the former Blantyre Synod Projects’ Office.

  • Mulange Mission Hospital: Mission Hospital responsible for reducing infant mortality rates and significantly increasing women’s health awareness.

  • Malawi Mission Network: A collection of PC (USA) people interested in Malawi. Holds an annual meeting to share information about Malawi and the CCAP Synods.

  • Camp Crestfield: A Camp and Conference Center associated with Pittsburgh Presbytery. This is a favorite destination for our Malawian Guests when they visit Pittsburgh.

  • Mission Co-Workers in South Sudan: The PCUSA World Mission page lists our mission co-workers. Click on their names and send an email encouraging them.

  • RECONCILE in South Sudan: The Resource Center for Civil Leadership (RECONCILE) in South Sudan. A retreat center for peace studies and trauma healing visited by Pittsburgh and South Sudanese missionaries.
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