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Malawi Pilgrimage 2019

Fourteen participants including youth aged 13-16 and their adult partners from five congregations (Bower Hill, Crafton Heights, East Liberty, Sampson’s Mills, and Sewickley) spent much of the spring preparing for this venture that was designed to help them consider who they are as God’s children, explore how they are connected to our siblings in Christ around the world, and wonder at how they might empower youth to grow as leaders in the context of partnership. The whole trip, from July 2-18, was chronicled in a blog written by Pastor Dave Carver. Click here to learn more about what they mean by “pilgrimage.”

After the two-week journey was over, Dave stayed in Africa and went with key representatives of Blantyre Synod to visit our mutual partners in the South Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church. This ground-breaking tripartite partnership is poised to yield a great deal of fruit, particularly in regard to the trans-African portion. Click here to read more!

Synod of the Trinity Article Highlights Youth Pilgrimage

Mike Givler, Communications Coordinator for the Synod of the Trinity, recently wrote, "When a group of young people from the USA thinks about going on a ‘mission trip’ to somewhere in the world, the focus is often on what the team will do.... This team was built around the notion of ‘pilgrimage,’ which the team defined as the leaving behind that which is familiar and entering into a place that is new and different with the expectation of seeing God at work there." Check out the full article!

Almanac Article Reports on the Youth Pilgrimage

A reporter from The Almanac visited Bower Hill Community church to talk with the Malawi Youth Pilgrimage 2019 participants about their trip. The Rev. Brian Snyder, vice moderator for the International Partnership, commented: "From the beginning, we said it is a pilgrimage. It's not a mission trip." Check out the full article!

PC USA World Mission Article Reports on Young Pilgrims Journey to Malawi

Here from the Rev. Dave Carver and from the Pittsburgh youth about their experience of the power of presence in partnership. Check out the full article!

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