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World Vision

Your gift will multiply 5 times in impact to save the lives of hungry children!

Dear Friend,

Simbuku Zakaria loved his children dearly.

He spent long, hard days in the fields, often working from dawn until dusk seven days a week. It was a labor of love—his only means of putting food on the table for his wife and sons, Yassin, 8, and Khalepo, 1.

Simbuku's family wasn't wealthy by any means, but they managed to survive...until rain stopped falling on Malawi. As months passed without a single drop, the crops Simbuku had planted withered and died. When food supplies began to run out, he skipped meals so his children could eat. He looked for other work, but found none. Day by day, he grew weaker from malnutrition. Finally, he was too weak to even stand.

And then he died. It is only because of their father's great, sacrificial love that Yassin and Khalepo have survived. But they are hungry and malnourished, and their lives remain very much at risk.

As Simbuku's widow, Theresa, tenderly cradles her youngest child in her arms, she sees reminders of her husband's suffering and death. "He had swollen limbs just like this starving child," she says.

Today, I’m praying you'll reach out in love to help some of the thousands of other children who remain in desperate need.

The good news is that we have received $15.5 million in grants from the U.S. government. These grants will multiply the impact of your gift five times to help provide food for over 1.7 million hungry children and families.

You may have heard of this opportunity in the mail. It's not too late! Your special gift of $35 will provide $175 worth of beans, rice, peas, wheat, soybeans, corn and vegetable oil—enough to feed 8 children and their families. $95 will provide $475 worth of food to feed 18 hungry families.

Please, will you help us save precious lives by sending a gift today?

You are one of our most faithful sponsors, and I appreciate you more than you know. My prayer for you is that God will bless you with the joy and peace of His presence and a prosperous New Year.


Rich Stearns

President, World Vision

Click here for more information from World Vision about Malawi.

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